At Home Gin Experience - Option 1 - Bass & Flinders Distillery

At Home Gin Experience - Option 1

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Replicate the experience of a Bass & Flinders Gin Paddle in your own home with a taste of our most popular products.  Perfect for when you're craving a Distillery Door visit but are stuck at home ;)

A 50ml bottle of each product gives you the opportunity to share a tasting experience with friends, create your own cocktail or simply serve with tonic, over ice and enjoy.  

Serving suggestions, tasting notes and Fever Tree Indian Tonic 500ml included.

Gin 10 - Wild & Spicy

An aromatic style gin with a hint of spice.  Gin 10 is made from a complex blend of ten botanicals.

Gin - Soft & Smooth

A dry gin style, combining eight botanicals including juniper berries, angelica root, licorice root and lime.

Monsoon - Eastern Twist Gin

Refreshingly exotic, Monsoon Gin is infused with spices of the East 

Cerise Gin

Juniper berries and coriander are combined with fragrant botanicals and hibiscus rosella, cherries, raspberries and a hint of orange.