Limited Edition Gift Pack - Sold Out! - Bass & Flinders Distillery
Limited Edition Gift Pack - Sold Out! - Bass & Flinders Distillery

Limited Edition Gift Pack - Sold Out!

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Treat your self to our limited edition gift pack which includes a rare taste of our premium five-year aged brandy, Ochre. 

Three 50ml bottles, packaged up and ready to gift including our rare five-year aged brandy, Ochre, our Chardonnay Eau de Vie, and our Wild & Spicy Gin 10.

This pack is a wonderful introduction to the incredible range of grape-based spirits we have to offer using Victorian grapes.

Ochre brandy is a Chardonnay-based double-distilled spirit that is aged in French Oak for five years. This is the first time we have offered a taste of this rare product in mini form. Best enjoyed neat in a brandy balloon or in a B&B.

Our Eau de Vie is a traditional grape spirit with smooth fruit flavour and viscosity, created by double distillation of Chardonnay wine in an alembic pot still using traditional processes. Serve at room temperature to enjoy as a traditional digestive, or try swapping the vodka in your cocktail for Eau de Vie for a smooth accent.

Our Shiraz-based Wild & Spicy Gin 10 is an aromatic gin with a hint of spice, made from a complex blend of ten botanicals including juniper berries, cardamom, orange and native pepper berry. Recommended with tonic water and a slice of orange, served in a Negroni or mixed into cocktails to add a hint of spice. 

Three 50ml bottles represented in this attractive miniature gift pack with a red ribbon.

Gin 10  50ML /40% ALC/VOL

Eau de Vie  50ML /40% ALC/VOL

Ochre  50ML /41% ALC/VOL