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We are proud to reveal that all our spirits from gin and brandy through to liqueurs have been made from Victorian grapes grown from a single vineyard.

‘Single vineyard’ is an acknowledgement of the fact that the grapes we have used to craft our base spirit, eau de vie, come from the one vineyard, displaying their own unique character and expression. We celebrate such character in our entire product range.

‘Single vineyard’ means that we have specified the grape and wine characteristics we use to produce our eau de vie. This means we have significant control over the flavours of our spirit due to ripening times and picking dates as well as winemaking techniques. 

‘Single vineyard’ is our recognition of quality. Quality is assured as we work closely with our producer to keep the flavours consistent in our quest for the finest quality, smooth textured eau de vie.

‘Single vineyard’ is also synonymous with attention to detail. Our attention to detail means quality eau de vie and better value for you, our customers. The result is also a much smoother tasting spirit that celebrates the flavour and viscosity provided by the grapes. A dedicated distilling technique, rarely seen in the industry.

For those wishing to learn more about our single vineyard gins, a Single Vineyard Gin gift pack is available with a tasting of three Shiraz based gins. Gin 10 - Wild & Spicy, Monsoon Gin and Gin - Soft & Smooth.