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It’s a BRANDY Revival!

  In very recent history, Brandy was seen to be suffering a fashion crisis. When people used to think about Brandy, they often imagined tuxedoed gentlemen smoking cigars in wood panelled libraries, or your grandmother using it to flame her annual Christmas pudding. But it’s no longer an old folks drink. Once confined to the back of your drinks cabinet, our cultural gaze around the globe is beginning to shift and brandy is making a come-back, big time!  A brand new story. Brandy is a classic, and now it’s also cool. With cocktail culture now the height of hipster chic, the world is buzzing with renewed appreciation for classic spirits and mixologists are discovering an array of delicious ways to...

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A Craft Gin Revolution

  The Rise of Australian Craft Gin. It’s the perfect time to be a gin lover. Hot on the heels of the craft beer boom, our nation is experiencing an explosion in the number of Australian distilleries producing high quality Australian craft gins. Gin’s popularity is on the rise. The resurgence of Cocktail Culture is like a Mexican wave around the globe. Thanks to a hipster-led revival of the art of the aperitif, a new breed of bartenders with global experience in cocktails and craft spirits are celebrating the versatility of gin. It has glamour, it has style. Whether sipping on a classic G&T or a posh cocktail, it’s a renaissance of flavour and variety. Smaller craft distilleries are producing...

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History of Gin

Where did it all be-GIN? Gin lovers…have you ever stopped to think about the origins of gin and where the humble spirit was first created? At Bass and Flinders, our passion for adventure and our thirst for knowledge (pardon the pun) about perfectly crafted gins, led us to wonder just how this all started. Gin has a long and rich history and has a fascinating tale to tell. To truly understand the history of gin, let’s go back to the beginning. What Makes Gin, Gin? Gin as we know it today, is a distilled alcohol that by definition must include the characteristic aroma and flavour of the juniper berry. Even the name itself is derived from the Dutch word for juniper ‘genever’,...

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