Spirits & Liqueurs Cocktails

Love cocktails? From a Manhattan to a Margherita, Cosmopolitan or Kamikaze any well stocked bar needs a few of these indispensable spirits and liqueurs. Mix with simple syrup, fresh lime or grapefruit juice, or your favourite gin or brandy to create all sorts of classic cocktails loaded with flavour. Keep it simple and add your signature touch to these tried-and-true recipes you can make in minutes. Fragrant or fruity, aromatic or indulgent these highly versatile spirits & liqueurs enhance taste and balance flavour in the finest of your favourite tipples. For cocktails that never go out of style. Read more...
Mum's Pavlova
A celebration of Christmas with all the good feels and a sweet nod to the iconic dessert using our Australian version of a classic orange liqueur, Madame Marmalade. Lifted passionfruit and tangy orange combine with the smooth cream to recreate fond, festive memories. Enjoy!
Limoncello Gin Collins
A refreshing fizzy twist to a summery gin cocktail using simple syrup to balance out the vibrant Limoncello lemon tang and velvet-like Gin10 texture.  Top slowly with soda water for a bubbly finish. A sparkling favourite. 
White Lady
A simply delicious citrus blast! A light, refreshing and perfectly balanced cocktail with just a few simple ingredients. Madame Marmalade orange liqueur adds decadent, silky texture and lifted citrus aromas, enhanced by lively lime in our Gin - Soft & Smooth. An Australian take on a ‘modern classic’.
Water of Life Fizz
Irresistibly sweet and sour with plenty of refined fizz, a simply refreshing cocktail. The finesse of our light, unaged Eau de Vie spirit provides viscosity and backbone, while freshly squeezed lemon adds zesty brightness. A splash of sweetness rounds out the flavours and adds just a touch of sophistication.
Breakfast Martini

Our version of a richly tangy gin sour enhanced with muddled orange marmalade for a bittersweet taste. Made with our lighter Eau de Vie spirit to focus on fruit notes rather than a dry gin, and our Madame Marmalade orange liqueur (an Australian-style triple sec & brandy blend). A cocktail anyone can make at home.

Raspberry and Limoncello Spritz
A deliciously festive spritz that is fruity and light with a hint of sweetness. Bursting with flavours of fresh raspberries and our luscious Limoncello lemon liqueur, this refreshing cocktail has a touch of sweet in every sip. Top slowly with prosecco for a timeless aperitif.