Brandy Cocktails

Brandy is one of the world’s classic spirits. It’s the hero ingredient in many of the earliest cocktail recipes... and is also recognised as one of the finest. There’s a brandy revival in full swing and some of the world’s top bartenders are shaking and stirring their way back to the classics. Here are some of our favourite brandy cocktails to make and shake that will impress even the fussiest of cocktail aficionados. From the Sidecar to the Old Fashioned and the Brandy Alexander, here’s a few ideas to tickle your tastebuds. Read more...
Tipsy Gingerbread Man
Enjoy this decadent but easy to make festive spirit. Combine our smooth and elegant Spiced Christmas Brandy with your choice of ginger liqueur for a spicy spin on a classic creamy cocktail.
Sticky Date Martini
There's more than one way to shake up your favourite cocktail and the Martini is no exception. Everyone's favourite dessert - stickydate pudding, in a glass. Our elegant and silky smooth Spiced Christmas Brandy adds a whimsical twist to this delicious Christmas cocktail. 
Brandy Alexander
Although its true origins are unknown - a drink created for the Tsars or a favourite of stars? It doesn’t matter. This smooth and delicious retro cocktail is equal parts brandy and cream with generous licks of chocolate. Our choice of Noble Stranger brandy gives a uniquely Australian twist to the smooth, velvety and luxurious cocktail.
Nutty Sazerac
A charming old school classic in a modern cocktail era. Our new Australian brandy ‘Noble Stranger’ combines with walnut bitters and a rinse of highly aromatic absinthe for a rich, smooth and elegant cocktail. A sophisticated blend of tradition with modern personality and character.
Brandy Sangaree

A fun and not-to-be-forgotten cocktail that is simple to make, with deep fruit, sweet spice and silky texture from our Noble Stranger Australian brandy balanced with a twist of citrus and shake of nutmeg. Shake until well chilled for the perfect cocktail.

Champagne Cocktail
One of the originals and still one of the most popular brandy cocktails. With sweet spice and silky texture from our Noble Stranger Australian Brandy and topped up with champagne, this cocktail is both bitter and sweet as the gently beading bubbles make their way up the glass. Refreshing and light with a hint of complexity and richness. A brandy lovers' classic.
Spiced Christmas Brandy Old Fashioned
A new twist on the Old Fashioned. Our very own Spiced Christmas Brandy, combined with a mix of bitters highlights festive spices and fruits from a fourth generation christmas pudding recipe. A humble hint of citrus from our Madame Marmalade makes this cocktail a little citrusy and a little sweet with a smooth and timeless charm.
Christmas Brandy Splice
A light, tangy and refreshing cocktail with additional bold spice notes from our very own Spiced Christmas Brandy. Mint, lime and raspberries create a fresh lift of flavours and aromas with bright red colour. A refreshing and zesty change of pace for brandy cocktail lovers.
B&B Classic Cocktail

Simple, sophisticated and delicious, one of the best classic duo cocktails. The delicate sweetness of Benedictine herbal liqueur perfectly combines with the deeper layers of caramel and raisins in the Ochre Fine Brandy to produce an infinitely great, smooth and aromatic cocktail with just a hint of spice.

Brandy Old Fashioned
A classic old fashioned with truly timeless appeal using our Ochre Fine Brandy. A sugar cube soaked in bitters and a twist of muddled orange peel releases exquisite citrus aromas to round out the subtle fruit characters in the brandy. A pristine version of a classic that is up there with the greats.