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7 products

Bass and Flinders Distillery was founded in 2009 with a desire to produce the finest of Australian brandies. We aspired to produce a world-class aged brandy that could capture the essence of the ‘Australian Spirit’ in a bottle.

Here at Bass & Flinders Distillery we take inspiration from old world and new in the production of our brandies. We employ a traditional French Charentais distillation method to produce our eau de vie or grape spirit, yet we work with the quintessentially Australian chardonnay grape variety, for a truly innovative and distinctly Australian brandy that celebrates our own terroir unique unto the world.

Making great brandy is a journey. It requires skilled craftsmanship, patience and time. It’s a carefully managed process from vine to bottle. We choose to craft our brandies from 100% Victorian chardonnay grapes, sourced from a single vineyard to retain the unique characteristics of the local terroir and for their exceptional ageing potential. Using the traditional Charentais double distillation method we then distil wine into eau de vie in small batches using a gas-fired alembic pot still. Such a dedicated approach to distilling is rarely seen in the industry, and creates premium brandies rich in flavour and texture.

Sipping on fine brandy is unlike any other spirit. It is simultaneously bold and delicate, fresh and richly aromatic - all in perfect harmony. Ageing reveals its spoils. It’s a true journey of the senses, which is what makes it so special. As they say - all good things take time.

We are a family owned distillery producing small batch, hand crafted Australian spirits with a large selection of unique tasting experiences for you to enjoy. Pioneers of the Gin Masterclass in Australia, we now offer a Brandy Masterclass where visitors can discover the secrets of the beauty within brandy.