Gin Cocktails

A long lazy weekend, or party season just around the corner? From Gin Fizz to a Martini or the perfect G&T... a muddle and a shake is all it takes to make one of life’s simplest pleasures, a freshly mixed gin cocktail. Gin is one of the most versatile spirits in your bar. With flavours ranging from herbal or citrus through to floral or spicy, the beautiful complexity of gin creates a broad range of enticing, aromatic and refreshing cocktail classics. And it doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites that are impressive, delicious and also simple to prepare. Our recipes are proof that you don’t need complicated ingredients or bar equipment to be the perfect host. Discover your inner mixologist and let your creative spirit shine! Read more...
Botanicals in Bloom
For something fresh and fruity. The crisp freshness of juniper berries in Geneviève Gin balance the floral highlights, while vanilla and wild harvested native lemon grass and sandalwood add a velvety texture with undertones of musk. A delightful and invigorating taste experience that also captures a hint of sweet, juicy watermelon.
Blooming Maiden
Refreshing and delicately floral with a bewitching dose of sweet-tart flavours. Geneviève Gin adds rose, lavender, butterfly pea flower and elderflower. Pretty in pink and whole lot of floral.
Angry Ant Martini Classic Dry
A simple, pure, modern classic Martini with a twist of lemon. Silky smooth and elegant with highly aromatic floral spice, hints of citrus and musk from the lifted native botanicals in Angry Ant gin and delicately blended with Vermouth.
Pink Gin and Soda
A refreshing gin and soda cocktail bursting with fresh grapefruit, carefully balanced with soaked red amarillo cherries, raspberries and vibrant orange sweet-tart freshness from our Cerise Gin.
Angry Ant White Negroni
Slightly sweet modern classic cocktail with a soft mouthfeel, seamlessly melds with the creamy and spicy Angry Ant gin and just a fresh hint of citrus. A beautifully floral, aromatic simple-to-make cocktail.
Pink G&T

Delicately sweet with hints of fresh apple and peach combine with the highly floral, fruity and fabulous cherry and raspberry of the Cerise Gin finishing fresh and clean.  A perfectly balanced, elegant pink gin cocktail with lush fragrant botanicals.

Elegance G&T
An elegant, modern Australian G&T, bursting with sweet mandarin, native strawberry gum and kaffir lime leaf in our Orient Gin, while Sichuan pepper adds dramatic depth of flavour. A citrus tsunami with rich spice, perfect wth food. 
Tropical Heat
Muddled pineapple with zesty lime and spicy jalapenos mix magically with fine, lifted aromatics and orange exotica in our Gin 10. Sweet and refreshing with a hint of spice. Go wild!
Wild One G&T
Refreshingly light, sweet rhubarb and juicy raspberries combine with lifted aromatics and orange exotica in our Gin 10 Wild & Spicy for a slightly sweeter version of the perfect G&T.
Monsoon Love G&T
A simple yet sophisticated twist on the classic G&T. Using our Monsoon Gin for warming, lifted spices balanced with refreshing and zesty tonic. Add extra ginger, gin or tonic to make it your favourite go-to. Perfect for any season.
Monsoon Sour
For lovers of ginger. A fresh combination of sweet spices from the East and tangy citrus for the sour. Made with our Monsoon Gin spirit highlights the citrus with fresh lemongrass and ginseng. Sit back and enjoy while you wait for the tropical storm to break.
Negroni Noir
Our take on the classic Negroni using a combination of sweet & spicy Heartbreak Pinot Noir Gin, with the velvet-like texture of smooth sherry. Layered with crisp, nutty highlights and a refreshing twist of lemon.
Secret Love
The brilliant and deep jewel-toned colour of our not-so-secret cocktail - sweet, tart and refreshing with a hint of heat, using Heartbreak Pinot Noir Gin and pomegranate juice - the taste of secret romance. Deceptively simple.
Scarlet Letter
Bright, ruby red and ultimately refreshing, our 'Scarlet Letter' cocktail made with Heartbreak Gin and muddled cherries, all at once tart and sweet, fresh & bold flavours with just a hint of sweetness.
Shotgun Wedding
Create your own simple & fast Heartbreak Gin 'Shotgun Wedding' cocktail. A delicious union of sweetness and spice, a little bitter and a little bit sweet. Dusted with grated chocolate to ease into this marriage of flavours. 
Maritime Martini
Crisp and cool, a simple classic cocktail that never goes out of style. Savoury hints with a salty lick of the sea from our Maritime Gin makes this a savoury, fresh cocktail for a touch of luxury in your own time.
Iconic and Tonic G&T
Dry and fresh, a truly iconic G&T that combines delicate lifted citrus with savoury hints and a selection of unique, locally foraged coastal botanicals in our Maritime Gin for a classic gin and tonic cocktail suitable for any occasion.
The Oasis
A perfectly playful and fruity cocktail. Spicy ginger and citrus sweetness combine with the roar of flavours from our Orient Gin. Think orange, spice and all things nice, with ice.
Lovers Revenge
Cure your Heartbreak with a Lovers Revenge cocktail. Sweet like love, sour like revenge. Nothing tastes as sweet as a Lovers Revenge. Sweet spice and floral notes from our Heartbreak Pinot Noir Gin balance deep ripe fruit with a twist of citrus.
The Heartbreaker G&T
Subtle citrus characters in the tonic balance sweet red fruit, spice and floral notes of our ruby red Heartbreak Pinot Noir Gin, with a velvety smooth finish and savoury juniper, herbal nuances. Think fresh, floral and fruity G&T.
Classic G&T
Bright and zesty, lively lime in our Signature Gin - Soft & Smooth accentuates juniper berries, angelica and liquorice roots to create a very fresh, yet soft and smooth mouthfeel in this classic cocktail.