Bass & Flinders Distillery Christmas Brandy Splice cocktail craft brandy

Christmas Brandy Splice

A light, tangy and refreshing cocktail with additional bold spice notes from our very own Spiced Christmas Brandy. Mint, lime and raspberries create a fresh lift of flavours and aromas with bright red colour. A refreshing and zesty change of pace for brandy cocktail lovers.


60ml Bass & Flinders Spiced Christmas Brandy
15ml Lime Juice
10ml sugar syrup
4 dashes Orange Bitters
1 egg white
Bar spoon of frozen raspberries
Mint leaves

      Add all ingredients to small shaker tin. Add ice to tin. Shake hard and well for 15-20 seconds. Double strain through tea strainer into Nick & Nora glass.
      Garnish with mint sprig.

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