Bass & Flinders Distillery Noble Stranger Brandy Nutty Sazerac cocktail

Nutty Sazerac

A charming old school classic in a modern cocktail era. Our new Australian brandy ‘Noble Stranger’ combines with walnut bitters and a rinse of highly aromatic absinthe for a rich, smooth and elegant cocktail. A sophisticated blend of tradition with modern personality and character.


60ml Bass & Flinders Noble Stranger Australian Brandy
10ml Sugar syrup
5ml Absinthe
2 dashes Black Walnut Bitters
2 dashes Chocolate Bitters 


Firstly rinse a chilled Double Old Fashioned glass with the absinthe, or use an atomiser over the top of cocktail at the end. Add crushed ice and set aside.
Add all other ingredients to mixing glass, fill with ice and stir 30 times.
Discard the crushed ice and absinthe from Old Fashioned glass and strain into empty glass. Garnish with grated 70% dark chocolate.

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