Bass & Flinders Distillery Spiced Christmas Brandy Old fashioned cocktail

Spiced Christmas Brandy Old Fashioned

A new twist on the Old Fashioned. Our very own Spiced Christmas Brandy, combined with a mix of bitters highlights festive spices and fruits from a fourth generation christmas pudding recipe. A humble hint of citrus from our Madame Marmalade makes this cocktail a little citrusy and a little sweet with a smooth and timeless charm.


60ml Bass & Flinders Spiced Christmas Brandy
5ml Bass & Flinders Madame Marmalade Orange Liqueur
5ml Esprit de Figues
10ml Cinnamon Sugar Syrup
Fee Brothers Cranberry Bitters 3 dashes
Fee Brothers Gin Barrel Aged Bitters 2 dashes
Freshly grated nutmeg to Garnish


Add all ingredients to a mixing glass. Fill with ice and stir 30 times.
Strain over large cube of ice in a Old Fashioned rocks glass.
Garnish with dried cranberries,  a fig slice and grate nutmeg over the top.

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