Angry Ant Martini Classic Dry

Angry Ant Martini Classic Dry

A simple, pure, modern classic Martini with a twist of lemon. Silky smooth and elegant with highly aromatic floral spice, hints of citrus and musk from the lifted native botanicals in Angry Ant gin and delicately blended with Vermouth.


75ml Bass & Flinders Angry Ant Gin
10ml Maidenii Dry Vermouth
Lemon twist 


Fill mixing glass with ice. 
Add vermouth & stir 10 times to coat ice. Strain and discard. 
Add Bass & Flinders Angry Ant Gin gin to mixing glass and stir 30 times. Double strain into chilled cocktail glass - Coupe or Nick & Nora. 

Garnish with fresh lemon twist. 
For a Dirty Martini add 20ml olive brine with the Angry Ant Gin. Garnish with 3 olives.

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