Bass & Flinders Distillery Botanicals in Bloom gin cocktail

Botanicals in Bloom

For something fresh and fruity. The crisp freshness of juniper berries in Geneviève Gin balance the floral highlights, while vanilla and wild harvested native lemon grass and sandalwood add a velvety texture with undertones of musk. A delightful and invigorating taste experience that also captures a hint of sweet, juicy watermelon.


30ml Bass & Flinders Distillery Geneviève Gin
10ml Monin Butterfly pea
20ml Stache house watermelon
15ml lemon juice
Pink Grapefruit soda.


Add all ingredients. Build in Collins/highball glass with plenty of ice. Top with pink grapefruit soda.
Garnish with lavender. 

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