Bass & Flinders Distillery Heartbreak Gin Scarlet Letter cocktail recipe

Scarlet Letter

Bright, ruby red and ultimately refreshing, our 'Scarlet Letter' cocktail made with Heartbreak Gin and muddled cherries, all at once tart and sweet, fresh & bold flavours with just a hint of sweetness.  


45ml Bass & Flinders Heartbreak Pinot Noir Gin
15ml Cherry liquor
3 bar spoons of morello syrup
6 morello cherries muddled
3 dashes of bitters
Juice of half an orange


Add all ingredients including Bass & Flinders Heartbreak Pinot Noir Gin . Stir and double strain. Pour into Nick and Nora glass.
Garnish with sliced orange and cherries or dehydrated orange with fresh raspberries.

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