Bass & Flinders Distillery Gin 10 Wild & Spicy Old Fashioned cocktail

Wild & Spicy Old Fashioned

A Gin 10 Wild & Spicy orange exotica with a twist. Our version of a modern classic with a long and lustrous history. Slightly sweet and slightly bitter, a cocktail that never goes out of style.


60ml Bass & Flinders Gin 10 'Wild & Spicy'
10ml Okar Gold Liqueur
10ml Sugar Syrup
3 drops Fee Bros Old fashioned bitters
3 drops Fee Bros orange bitters ( gin barrel aged )
Pepperberry x 3 berries
Cardamom seeds x 4 seeds


Add botanicals, sugar & bitters to mixing glass.
Muddle until crushed up thoroughly. Add rest of ingredients to mixing glass.
Fill with ice and stir 30 times.
Double strain into chilled Old fashioned glass over large ice cube.
Garnish with fresh orange twist.

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