Bass & Flinders Distillery Heartbreak Gin behind japanese kintsugi glassware

Heartbreak - a universal truth

Heartbreak can be painful, but the ancient Japanese craft of Kintsugi teaches us that a breakage can also be mended to become even stronger, and to embrace our imperfections. 💔

Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold. Dating back to the 1400's where the Japanese craftsmen chose to highlight the breaks, which made the pottery even stronger and a beautiful work of art. 

Bass Flinders Distillery Heartbreak Gin cocktail valentines day garnish

So like the golden fault lines running through Kintsugi, just as we are broken, we can be repaired - and the manner of that repair, the learning in that growth, the reflection, introspection, and better understanding oneself through the process becomes a strong and beautiful part of who we are. Kintsugi teaches us to embrace our imperfections and is an incredible metaphor for self development and healing.

This year we are shunning the commercial Valentine's Day, in favour of celebrating our own individual strength and recovery from adversity.

So this February 14th, might we suggest you do something just for you. The individual, and all that your heart has endured. Regardless of whether you have a plus one.

This Valentine's Day we have packaged up a Self-Care Box just for you. Receive a FREE GIFT on us to celebrate your strength, relax and enjoy the moment. For a limited time only receive a soothing and calming candle scented with sage from Fenix Candle Co with every purchase of Heartbreak Gin*. Light this candle, pour yourself a drink, and let the Heartbreak 💔 fade away.  (*Offer ends midnight 14th February 2024.)

Heartbreak is a universal truth that comprises the human experience. And every cloud has a silver lining, from which positive effects can manifest and blossom. 💔 

Here's to you. Heartbreak and all. 💔

Bass Flinders Distillery Heartbreak Gin Valentines selfcare box with candle and sage

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