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World Gin Day

Gin lovers of the world rejoice, on the second Saturday in June every year it's officially World Gin Day!  A global celebration of all things gin. It’s time to raise a glass to celebrate this wonderful juniper-based spirit in all its glory. Not that we need an excuse…

What is World Gin Day?

The idea is simple, World Gin Day is a day to celebrate and enjoy gin, whether you’re already a devoted fan, new to the gin-tastic spirit or looking for inspiration for your favourite classic cocktails, World Gin Day is the perfect time to join in.

This event, founded in 2009 with the idea of getting a group of friends together to enjoy a little tipple, has evolved into a worldwide celebration under the expert guidance and organisation of Gin Monkey’s Emma Stokes. An opportunity for gin lovers to share their passion, and a time for newbies to learn all about this spirit’s fascinating history, where it all started, and the art of the craft today. It’s a day for everyone to simply have some fun!

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Where did Gin begin?

Yes there is much to celebrate and shout out about when it comes to gin, and it has a long and rich history and an incredible tale to tell. They say that the origins of gin can be traced all the way back to the Salerno Monks in the 11th Century who used it for medicinal purposes for a wide range of ailments including indigestion.

From medicinal tincture to a Dutch liquor called ‘Jenever’ used to supposedly ward off The Plague and on to a “Nip of courage’ for Dutch troops and their English allies going into battle on battlefields of days gone by. Imported into England via homeward-bound English soldiers (and thanks to a series of taxes on imports and poor industry regulation) the Gin Craze began. London was swarming with people who were either drunk on Gin or driven mad by it.

The Art of Gin Distillation

Fast forward to the introduction of the Gin Act in the late 1700’s and tighter industry regulation, which turned the tide and inspired the first traces of the masterful art of gin distillation as we know it today - premium quality, artfully crafted spirit in high demand across the globe. In many parts of the world, producers now have free rein to champion local, native ingredients, challenge boundaries and explore new ideas. A true Ginaissance!

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Gin - a highly versatile spirit

Which of course leads us back here to you - the explorer. Armed with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to discover exciting, delicious handcrafted artisanal spirits, a passion for mixology and the best cocktails available in the best bars and restaurants around the world.

And gin fits right in. A highly versatile spirit with limitless possibilities, bartenders are using gin in many classic and modern cocktails with great flair and creativity. At the core of this is a booming interest in re-imagining the classics.  Caroline Wood, Marketing Manager at Fever-Tree mentions the tonic used in everybody’s favourite G&T is still ‘number one’ and for those amongst you who don’t like tonic, the Gin Queen’s Caroline Ashford suggests premium sodas as an elevated and simple way to enjoy gin. (National Liquor News May 2023) Gin lovers are looking for authenticity, new styles of gin and unique flavours using locally sourced botanicals and sustainable production processes.

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Unique, truly Australian gins

At Bass & Flinders Distillery, as an artisanal, family-owned distillery in the heart of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula coast we pride ourselves on creating gins with authentic, local provenance. Unique, truly Australian gins with individual spirit, a distinct origin and expression of our local environment, an intimate connection with our home. Our coastal home.

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How to celebrate World Gin Day

Our coastal home where we’ll be celebrating World Gin Day on 10th/11th June this year! The whole weekend will be a fiesta, celebrating our favourite day of the year alongside the official launch of Dromana Habitat - the home of our Distillery Door here on the Mornington Peninsula. 

Join in the global celebration of all things gin with us here at Bass & Flinders. We're lining up food trucks, live music, mulled gin, cocktails, gin tastings, market stalls and much, much more. Have a look at what's on:


  • Paint & Sip: Bring out your inner Picasso. Be guided by Rondelle Douglas while learning the steps to creating your very own display-worthy masterpiece. Canvas, watercolours and laughs will be provided. Sessions are at 11am or 1pm. All painting supplies included. Free G&T on arrival. Book your place now!
  • Gin High Tea: Enjoy our Autumn menu. Sessions available between 11 to 4pm. Bookings required.
  • Gin Masterclass: Sessions available at 11am or 3pm. Book now.
  • Mulled Gin: Made on site using our gold medal winning Gin 10 - served hot to warm your heart and soul.


  • Live music: from local artist Mijo Biscan from 1 to 4pm
  • Market day vibes: with Boatshed Cheese offering samples, Peninsula Seafood shucking oysters, Regnier cakes dishing out sweet delicacies infused with gin, and Krispy’s food truck van from 12 to 4pm serving up their famous smash burgers.
  • Gin High Tea: Enjoy our Autumn menu. Sessions available from 11 to 4pm. Bookings required.
  • Gin Masterclass: sessions from 11am and 3pm. 3pm is an extra session for the day to celebrate all that is gin! Book now.
  • Mulled Gin: Rich and fruity, our mulled gin offers a complex taste that will make you forget about the drizzle outside.  Come and join us here at distillery door, soak in the ambiance, relax and warm your body, mind and soul!

Come on down to join us for the biggest day of the year...our mixologists will be whipping up celebratory gin cocktails all day! Fine food all day to accompany vibrant drinks.

This is a great day to raise a glass and celebrate . We hope you have the best time and do it in style. Tonic water is on the chill and garnishes are at the ready.

It’s gin o’clock!  Book for individual activities on our website here:

General bookings
Gin Masterclass
Gin High Tea

Bass & Flinders Distillery World Gin Day Festival

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