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Gin Masterclass

We offer one of the most unique gin masterclasses in Australia where you have an opportunity to create your very own bespoke gin.

During the masterclasses you will delve into the unique and wonderful world of gin production. You will not only learn about the long and fascinating history of gin, but create a gin tailored specifically to your taste.
You will discover the techniques and exotic botanicals used in gin production and how these effect the flavour and quality of gin. Bass & Flinders Distillery are always scouting for new and interesting botanicals so our classes remain distinctive. 
 During the classes, you will also have the opportunity to produce your own bespoke gin from this vast range of vapour infused botanicals.
Once you have created “your gin” a bottle will be delivered to you with a personal label that you and your friends can enjoy.
Over two hours, your gin masterclass includes:
  • Tastings of Bass and Flinders unique products
  • A history of gin
  • Details of the distilling process
  • Information on the use of botanicals in gin making
  • Hands-on gin blending to create at least two of your own gin recipes
  • Cheese platter
  • A 500ml bottle of your unique gin to take home
  • Intimate group sizes
  • AND we keep your recipe so that you can order bottles of your unique gin so that you can order one when you run out or if you need a special gift for a gin-loving friend!
$140 per person
If you are interested in arranging a private masterclass or creating a gin specially for your bar please call Wayne or Holly on 03 5989 3154. 
To re-order the gin you created at a gin masterclass, please email us with your name, the date of the session you attended and the name of your gin.