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Sourced from wondrous corners of Australia and the world

Using a very unique approach, and something we are very proud of, we make our own grape base spirit right here at the distillery. This dedicated approach is used to produce our gin, vodka, grappa and aged spirit products. We are also especially proud of the fact that as of 2016 all our base spirit is made from classic Australian Shiraz grapes where the rich, ripe aromas of the Shiraz grape delivers a spirit range that is one of a kind. 
Our botanicals are the very element that keeps our gin range fascinating! We are forever scouting Australia and world for the finest and most interesting flavours. We have, in recent times, sourced some pretty unusual native botanicals from central Western Australia including native lemon grass and flowers for our gins. We also ensure that our hand-made Shiraz base spirit expresses the local grapes as a key botanical in our gin range.
Our distillery is making over 2000 unique gins each year with the help of our gin enthusiasts at our Gin Masterclasses and we are continually working with multiple bars to create tailored gins. In doing so, we have given ourselves a unique vantage point to see the trends in the industry which are reflected in our range of seasonal gins.
Our Gin Masterclasses therefore keep us continually evaluating and adding to our range of unique botanicals in order to create the most unique gins on offer in Australia.
Our wondrous botanical range consists of flowers, seeds, roots, spices and aromatic fruits. Some of our favourite botanicals include juniper, coriander, cassia bark, Mulla Mulla, Purple Vetch, cardamom, Angelica root, lemon, lime, pepper berry, ginger, orange & native (Australian) lemon grass.