Bass & Flinders Distillery Spiced Christmas Brandy

Spiced Christmas Brandy

Fun Christmas jumpers and an over-stuffed stocking  🎶
Mince pies, candy canes and brandy corks popping.

Tinsel that shimmers and festive lights twinkle
Apricots, cranberries and raisins with nutmeg to sprinkle.

Decadent chocolates tied up with string,
These are a few of my favourite things…  🎶

Spiced Christmas Brandy is here! 

When we think brandy, we often think Christmas! So our Head Distiller Holly thought why not take the ingredients from her grandma’s Christmas pudding recipe, and steep these in our premium brandy for 14 days and see what happens? Well, the proof is in the pudding. This whimsical drop is sure to impress at the Christmas table this year.  

Bass & Flinders Distillery Spiced Christmas Brandy

Our fourth annual release, this year’s Spiced Christmas Brandy is as bright as Rudolf’s nose, as silky smooth as Santa’s red velvet jacket, and as elegant as the lady herself Mrs Claus. This truly is Christmas in a bottle.

Best shared at the Christmas table surrounded by loved ones. All the flavours & aromas of Christmas that evoke the best memories of celebrating good times together. Secure your bottle today

This limited edition spiced brandy is infused with a selection of dried fruits and Christmas spices, taking inspiration from our family owned distillery’s fourth generation Christmas pudding recipe.

The subtle sweetness of this delectable spiced brandy comes from steeping all of the Christmas pudding ingredients for more than 10 days. Dried fruits, orange zest and Christmas spices, including nutmeg, cassia and clove, give our Spiced Christmas Brandy a layered whimsical nature. 

Hand-crafted by our artful distillers in very small batches where old world traditions meet new ideas. A truly Australian brandy made from 100% Victorian Chardonnay sourced from a single vineyard and matured in ex-Cognac barrels between 2-6 years.

A world first, our Spiced Christmas Brandy is a celebration of brandy and all things Christmas. When we think of Christmas we think of brandy. Delectably more-ish, fun and festive, a modern version of centuries old traditions.

Bright golden amber in colour with sweet doughy aromas infused with classic Christmas spices, dried fruits and citrus rinds effortlessly intertwining with a subtle spearmint high note giving our Spiced Christmas Brandy a beautifully layered nature.

Medium in body, sweet spice, apricot, currents and orange rind up front open reveal a spicy mid palate blend of nutmeg, native pepperberry and cassia, finishing cleanly, with vanilla carrying all the spices, driven by lip numbing clove for a long delectable finish.

This spiced brandy was handcrafted from scratch using our Méthode Eau de Vie – the art of distilling wine into spirit - delivering a smoother, fuller, richer flavour for your drinking pleasure. 

Serving Suggestions: 

Sip neat, mix into your favourite Christmas cocktail or whisk into brandy foam sauce to serve with pudding. 

Try a Sticky Date Martini

Bass & Flinders Distillery Sticky Date Martini Spiced Christmas brandy cocktail

Tipsy Gingerbread Man 

Bass & Flinders Distillery Tipsy Gingerbread man spiced christmas brandy cocktail

or a Spiced Christmas Brandy Old Fashioned.

Bass & Flinders Distillery Spiced Christmas Brandy Old Fashioned cocktail

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 Let's get into the Christmas Spirit!

Bass & Flinders Distillery – Spirit of the Mornington Peninsula. 

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