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Bespoke Gin
Bespoke Gin
Bespoke Gin

Re-order your bespoke Gin from a Gin Masterclass


Re-Order your bespoke Gin you made at our Gin Masterclass!

All people are unique and so too are their palates. Here at Bass & Flinders we believe you are the best person who can create a gin to suit your own palate and individual preference. That's why the 500ml bottle you made at our Gin Masterclass can be re-ordered at any time. 

Whether it a complex blend of 10 botanicals with Juniper berries complimenting coriander and cardamom or ginger tones completing lemongrass and coriander, the flavour profile is in your hands!

Your gin will be hand-crafted by our distillers and made from our classic Australian Shiraz spirit where the bold flavours of the Shiraz grape deliver a gin to impress on your palate.

Please note, once you have placed an order for your bespoke gin, please EMAIL us the name of your gin and the date you attended the masterclass.

500ml | 40%Alc/Vol