Bass & Flinders Distillery Orient Gin Blackberry & Jalapeno Sour cocktail

Blackberry and Jalapeno Sour

A racy, tangy combination of juicy, sour, sweet and floral. Flavours of the East in Orient Gin perfectly pair with blackberry and herbal Jalapeno in this playful and fruity cocktail.


45ml Bass & Flinders Orient Gin
15ml Creme de mure (blackberry liqueur)
30ml Lime juice 
1 bar spoon Blackberry jam 
4-5 Pickled jalapenos 
1 Egg white (or 20ml)


Add pickled jalapenos, blackberry jam & lime juice into shaker tin.
Muddle for 10 seconds. Add rest of ingredients to shaker tin.
Dry shake (no ice) then add ice and do a wet shake for 30 secs.
Rim an old fashioned glass with lime and dip rim in dried jalapeno salt.
Add large cube and double strain into glass.
Garnish with dried jalapenos & fresh blackberry or for a twist your can smoke glass with applewood or maple wood.

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