Bass & Flinders Distillery Gin Soft and Smooth in classic G&T gin and tonic cocktail

Classic G&T

Bright and zesty, lively lime in our Signature Gin - Soft & Smooth accentuates juniper berries, angelica and liquorice roots to create a very fresh, yet soft and smooth mouthfeel in this classic cocktail.


30ml Bass & Flinders Signature Gin - Soft & Smooth 
Fever Tree Premium Indian tonic water
Fresh Lime 


Fill your G&T glass of choice with cubed ice.
Add the Signature Gin - Soft & Smooth and top with Fever Tree Premium Indian tonic water. Garnish with fresh lime wedge or dehydrated lime wheel. 
If you’re in love with this gin like us then add 60ml of gin rather than 30ml to really enjoy those fresh & zesty flavours.

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