Bass & Flinders Distillery Angry Ant Gin Wooleen Station botanicals

Angry Ant Gin - A taste of the Outback

An ode to the Outback, our premium Angry Ant Gin is a truly unique, native Australian gin. A tribute to Australia’s ecologically rich, bio-diverse landscapes.

Bass & Flinders Distillery Mornington Peninsula Angry ant Gin on Wooleen Station native botanicals

This exceptional gin is a pure expression of the native Australian botanicals foraged from Wooleen Station in the remote outback of Murchison, Western Australia. Located on Wajarri Yamatji land, Wooleen Station has adopted specific ecological farming practices to produce incredible regeneration of native flora and fauna on the property and rehabilitation of the delicate outback landscape, to ensure a sustainable future for the region.

Bass & Flinders Distillery Mornington Peninsula Wooleen Station native botanicals

Angry Ant Gin is a true reflection of this success story, capturing flavours and textures from the successfully regenerated native grasses, wild flowers and shrubs cultivated on the property. Infused with seasonal flowerings including native lemongrass, Mulla Mulla, Currant Bush and Purple vetch, the selection of hand-picked botanicals are complemented by the flavours of pheromones obtained from the ostentatious Iridomyrmex Gravel Ant (a character influenced by the flora these ants eat) producing a highly aromatic, creamy and spicy gin with hints of citrus and musk. Using an infusion technology, we wash their little bodies with the spirit and then distil all the other botanicals, before blending them all together.

Bass & Flinders Distillery Mornington Peninsula Angry Ant Gin Antini cocktail ingredients

With the starring botanical taking centre stage, we needed to carefully determine the partnering selection of indigenous botanicals for our Angry Ant Gin, which led us to an exciting collaboration with the School of Bioscience at the University of Melbourne - to determine the chemistry of the pheromones captured in our distillation and to understand more about this naturally occurring phenomenon, as this research may allow us to realise a number of different pheromone flavours for future gins. Renowned entomologist Professor Mark Elgar and his research group assisted us in identifying the species of ant for our first ever batch of Angry Ant Gin and the rest, as they say, is history.

Bass & Flinders Distillery Mornington Peninsula angry ant gin native botanicals from Wooleen station

Handcrafted from scratch with our very own classic Australian Shiraz spirit, the ripe aromas of the Shiraz grape deliver a floral, peppery gin that is one of a kind. Triple distilled in small batches using our Methode Eau de Vie – the art of distilling wine into spirit, delivers a gin with a much smoother, fuller and richer flavour.

Our Angry Ant is a premium, small batch truly Australian gin. All bottles are individually hand-numbered according to the time they came off the still.

Bass & Flinders Distillery Mornington Peninsula Angry Ant Gin Angry Ant gin served beside cheese board

A beautifully floral, fragrant style of gin with a completely unique selection of sustainably-sourced indigenous botanicals that tastes like, well…the Australian Outback.

Perfect neat on ice, in a Martini or served with your favourite tonic and a slice of lemon.

500ml | 40%Alc/Vol

Bass & Flinders Distillery Mornington Peninsula Angry Ant Gin martini for World Gin Day 

Bass & Flinders Distillery Mornington Peninsula Angry Ant Gin Antini Martini

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