Bass & Flinders Distillery simple brandy cocktail recipes

Simple Brandy Cocktail Recipes

No longer a drink with a stuffy reputation, brandy is cool again.

It’s a revival of classic cocktails leading a revolution. Not to mention the increased availability of premium, Australian artisanal brandies that showcase the spirit’s versatility.

Once confined to the back of your grandma’s drinks cabinet, brandy is making a come-back, big time and this classic liquor is once again one of the world’s hottest cocktail ingredients…an essential ingredient in some of the most loved cocktails of all time!

So what exactly makes a great cocktail aside from the obvious key ingredients I hear you ask? Well…a lot of history, and this historic liquor features in everything from a tangy Breakfast Martini to a smooth, creamy and intriguing Brandy Alexander or a dry, Nutty Sazerac. A versatile liquor to use in many famous mixed drinks, or simply sipped neat, it adds a warm complex flavour to any cocktail that is truly irresistible.

Originally created as a medicinal tincture, it was considered to possess many healing properties, thereby awarding it the esteemed title of l’eau de vie, meaning literally the ‘Water of Life’. The accidental ageing in barrels of this regal spirit then transformed the clear, unaged liquor, creating ‘brandewijn’ (Dutch for Burnt Wine) with additional depth and complexity, and the warm crisp, rich and dry characters of brandy we all know and love today.

Bass & Flinders Distillery Mornington Peninsula Ochre Fine brandy

New smaller, artisanal distilleries are growing across the world, inspired by their local produce and terroir, creating distinctly unique brandies, turning this centuries-old tradition into a modern discovery of brand new flavours and textures for mixologists to master.

The brandy-making tradition may be hundreds of years old but contemporary brandy cocktails are as new and fashionable as ever.

So if you’re looking to literally shake things up at home, we’ve rounded up some of the best and simplest classic cocktails for you to try, a collection of some of the most popular, varied and interesting cocktails around.

Using a selection of our uniquely Australian, handcrafted Bass & Flinders Distillery brandies in each of these delicious cocktails, read on for the best of simple, sophisticated and delicious brandy cocktails you can mix up in minutes.

 1. Breakfast Martini:

Our version of a richly tangy gin sour enhanced with muddled orange marmalade for a bittersweet taste. Made with our lighter Eau de Vie spirit to focus on fruit notes rather than a dry gin, and our Madame Marmalade orange liqueur (an Australian-style triple sec & brandy blend). A cocktail anyone can make at home. Best with high quality marmalade and freshly squeezed lemon juice. 

Bass & Flinders Distillery Simple brandy cocktail recipes Breakfast Martini

 2. Nutty Sazerac:

A charming old school classic in a modern cocktail era. Our new Australian brandy ‘Noble Stranger’ combines with walnut bitters and a rinse of highly aromatic absinthe for a rich, smooth and elegant cocktail. A sophisticated blend of tradition with modern personality and character.

Bass & Flinders Distillery Mornington Peninsula Sazerac simple brandy cocktail

3. White Lady:

A simply delicious citrus blast! A light, refreshing and perfectly balanced cocktail with just a few simple ingredients. Madame Marmalade orange liqueur adds decadent, silky texture and lifted citrus aromas, enhanced by lively lime in our Gin - Soft & Smooth. An Australian take on a ‘modern classic’ cocktail. 

Bass & Flinders Distillery Mornington Peninsula White Lady simple brandy cocktail

4. Champagne Cocktail:

One of the originals and still one of the most popular brandy cocktails. With sweet spice and silky texture from our Noble Stranger Australian Brandy and topped up with champagne, this cocktail is both bitter and sweet as the gently beading bubbles make their way up the glass. Refreshing and light with a hint of complexity and richness. A brandy lovers' classic.

Bass & Flinders Distillery Mornington Peninsula Champagne Brandy cocktail

5. B&B:

Simple, sophisticated and delicious, one of the best classic duo cocktails. The delicate sweetness of Benedictine herbal liqueur perfectly combines with the deeper layers of caramel and raisins in the Ochre Fine Brandy to produce an infinitely great, smooth and aromatic cocktail with just a hint of spice.

Bass & Flinders Distillery Mornington Peninsula simple Benedictine Brandy cocktail

6. Brandy Old Fashioned:

A classic old fashioned with truly timeless appeal using our Ochre Fine Brandy. A sugar cube soaked in bitters and a twist of muddled orange peel releases exquisite citrus aromas to round out the subtle fruit characters in the brandy. A pristine version of a classic that is up there with the greats.

7. Brandy Alexander:

Although its true origins are unknown - a drink created for the Tsars or a favourite of stars? It doesn’t matter. This smooth and delicious retro cocktail is equal parts brandy and cream with generous licks of chocolate. Our choice of Noble Stranger brandy gives a uniquely Australian twist to the smooth, velvety and luxurious cocktail. 

Bass & Flinders Distillery Mornington Peninsula simple Brandy Alexander cocktail

8. Christmas Brandy Splice:

A festive tipple for any day of the year. A light, tangy and refreshing cocktail with additional bold spice notes from our very own Spiced Christmas Brandy. Mint, lime and raspberries create a fresh lift of flavours and aromas with bright red colour. A refreshing and zesty change of pace for brandy cocktail lovers.

Bass & Flinders Distillery Mornington Peninsula Christmas Brandy Splice cocktail

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