Gin Cocktails

A long lazy weekend, or party season just around the corner? From Gin Fizz to a Martini or the perfect G&T... a muddle and a shake is all it takes to make one of life’s simplest pleasures, a freshly mixed gin cocktail. Gin is one of the most versatile spirits in your bar. With flavours ranging from herbal or citrus through to floral or spicy, the beautiful complexity of gin creates a broad range of enticing, aromatic and refreshing cocktail classics. And it doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites that are impressive, delicious and also simple to prepare. Our recipes are proof that you don’t need complicated ingredients or bar equipment to be the perfect host. Discover your inner mixologist and let your creative spirit shine! Read more...
Elderflower Mojito

Refreshing with a sweet twist, lively lime enhances traditional botanicals in our Signature Gin–Soft & Smooth. Bright clean flavours pair perfectly with gently muddled mint and sweet lifted notes of Elderflower.


Mint-kissed with a hit of citrus. A perfect combination with the coastal botanicals in our Maritime Gin, turning an old-school ‘gangster’s favourite’ classic cocktail into a summertime staple.

Wild & Spicy Negroni

A ‘wild & spicy’ twist on a Classic Negroni with our Gin 10. The perfect balance of sweet, floral and savoury flavours with a twist of orange. This iconic cocktail is best served stirred, not shaken.

Sweet Geneviève
A beautiful balance of floral and sweet. A highly aromatic cocktail with smooth texture and silky sweet fruit, balanced with fresh red grapefruit and hints of rose and elderflower in our Geneviève Gin.
Cerise Martinez

All-at-once sweetness and bitterness combined. A spirited cocktail that starts off sweet and finishes with a wonderful nutty flavour, enhanced by the natural cherry botanicals in our Cerise Gin.


Eastern French 75
Lemongrass, ginger and ginseng in our Monsoon Gin combine with a simple syrup, lemon juice and the vibrant bubbles of your favourite prosecco for a crisp, ultra-refreshing, utterly unforgettable sparkling cocktail.


Wild & Spicy Old Fashioned

A Gin 10 Wild & Spicy orange exotica with a twist. Our version of a modern classic with a long and lustrous history. Slightly sweet and slightly bitter, a cocktail that never goes out of style.


Our finest Soft & Smooth gin, with zesty lemon and a luscious drizzle of your favourite blackberry liqueur. The perfect balance of sweet and sour with fruity flair. So simple to make.


Blackberry and Jalapeno Sour

A racy, tangy combination of juicy, sour, sweet and floral. Flavours of the East in Orient Gin perfectly pair with blackberry and herbal Jalapeno in this playful and fruity cocktail.



Maritime Paloma

Fresh savoury coastal flavours in Maritime Gin combine with sparkling lime and zesty grapefruit in a delightfully refreshing and sophisticated cocktail with a tart lime accent and touch of fizz.

Sherry & Spice

Keep it simple with this smooth and uplifting version of an old classic. A bright, textural Gin 10 delight of mouthwatering, nutty sherry, wild spice and all things nice.

A highly floral, slightly spicy, very aromatic Martini highlights a whole lot of native botanical flavours in Angry Ant Gin. Bursting with citrus and a savoury flourish. A classic, sophisticated and stylish favourite.
Spiced Pear Gin Frivolity

Lychee and pear combine with highlights of ginger and lemongrass from Monsoon Gin creating an Eastern Twist in this aromatic, sweet yet refreshing cocktail, bursting with frivolity.



Cardamom and Fig Gin Fizz

Fresh and light, zesty lemon in our Soft & Smooth gin and sweet fig balance fruity floral flavours, with a spicy cardamom touch on a jazzy gin fizz classic.